Chicken Antibody Service

The chicken has long been recognized to have several unique attributes as an immunization host. Chicken antibodies respond better to conserved mammalian proteins, they will not fix mammalian complement, and they show little reactivity toward mammalian serum rheumatoid factor. Chicken antibodies can be isolated from egg yolks with good yields. One egg yolk from a properly immunized chicken generally yields about one to two mg of specific antibody.

Yen-de-Zyn (antigen design service)
$195 FREE
Synthesis of optimally designed peptide:
  • General grade peptide (usually at 50-60% purity or higher)
  • Mass spectrometry included
  • Up to 15 amino acids in length
  • Remaining amount sent to investigator
  • $200

    ($15 per amino acid over 15 residues)

    Carrier Protein Conjugations:
  • Peptide to KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin) or THY (Thyroglobulin) for immunization purposes.
  • Peptide to Goat IgG (when necessary) for ELISA purpose.
  • $250
    Chicken Antibody Production (2 chickens):
  • One priming immuniation, 4 bi-weekly boosters, test egg collection, 1 final booster and final egg collection
  • 1 pre-immune egg collection
  • 1 test egg collection
  • Pre-immune vs. test IgY ELISA
  • 6 final egg collections per chicken
  • $800
    $1,295 $995
    Highly Recommended (in order to obtain a useful antibody)

    Two step chicken IgY extraction (Chloroform extraction and PEG fractionation)

  • 6 egg yolks per chicken x 2 chickens
  • ELISA of extracted IgY preparation
  • $795 $545

    Investigators are also welcome to provide their own ready-to-use immunogen for antibody production. For chicken antibody production in 2 chickens using an investigator provided ready-to-use immunogen we ask that we are provided with 6 mg of the immunogen at a concentration of no less than 0.5 mg/ml preferably in 1X PBS, though any buffer is acceptable provided it does not contain high concentrations of denaturing agents (e.g. >4M Urea). Please contact us if the quantity of your immunogen is limiting. Also, we strongly encourage investigators to contact us prior to submitting their immunogen to ensure antibody production in chickens is suitable to raise a potentially useful antibody.

    The price for Chicken Antibody Service using an investigator provided ready-to-use immunogen in 2 chickens is $600 per project.

    Our animal facility is NIH/OLAW/PHS assured, USDA certified, and IACUC regulated.

    For projects that require animal work to be conducted at an AAALAC accredited animal facility, please contact us.

    Due to its synthetic nature, the chemically synthesized peptide, when used as an immunogen, may not necessarily achieve the same effect as that of the native protein. The elicited antibody may not necessarily perform up to the investigator’s expectations due to a variety of factors that may exist in the investigators assay system (e.g. unknown post-translational modifications, low endogenous protein levels, protein processing events, reagents used, etc.). YenZym ensures only the quality of the peptide synthesized (by mass spectrometry) and guarantees specificity of the antibody response to the immunizing peptide (by ELISA). However, YenZym will try its best to help remedy the situation should antibody difficulty be encountered.

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