Antigen Specific Affinity Purification

Affinity purification, in general, will alleviate the non-specific background frequently associated with the use of crude antiserum. However, affinity purification is a denaturation-renaturation process and the loss of some antibody potency is not an uncommon occurrence. For investigators who opt for this service, our recommandation would be to have only a portion of the antiserum purified while reserving the remaining portion for use in assays that do not require purified antibodies.  

Antigen Specific Affinity Purification
  • Preparation of antigen coupled affinity matrix.
  • Separate purification of both rabbit antiserum.
  • Up to 50 ml of antiserum purified per rabbit.
  • ELISA of pre- vs. post-purified antiserum vs. affinity purified antibody.
  • SDS-PAGE of purified antibody.
  • Affinity matrix provided to the investigator upon completion of project.
  • $795 $545

    Our team of scientists have a weatlh of knowledge in affinity purification (e.g. type of conjugation chemistries, battery of eluting agents, etc.). Please contact us for your special needs.

    Large volume purifications are welcome. Please contact us for further discounts on bulk purifications.

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