To minimize the frustrations frequently experienced by investigators filling out order forms, we have simplified the ordering process with our flexible ordering requirements. To place an order, simply:

  • Call in or e-mail your quotation number that was provided to you, or
  • E-mail or fax (866-895-7857) the quotation provided at the time the peptide/protein design and analysis was performed, or
  • Fill out the order form and e-mail or fax (866-895-7857) us the completed form.
  • We usually will confirm receipt of your order within 24 to 48 hours. If you do not receive order confirmation from us within that time, please contact us immediately.

    To prevent any processing and/or shipping delays, please make sure that you provide us with your complete shipping and billing addresses as well as your purchase order or credit card information.

    Ready-to-use immunogens for antibody production and/or material that needs to be shipped back for additional processing can be shipped to:

    YenZym Antibodies, LLC
    100 North Hill Drive #34
    Brisbane, CA 94005
    Attn: Custom Antibody Team

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